How To Improve In-Line Quality Control In Manufacturing?

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Maintaining quality control in a production line where the major focus is on increasing efficiency and improving quality poses challenges for manufacturers. In-line quality control can provide feedback on quality variations in manufacturing systems. The way in-line control works is by doing the checks at certain milestones of the process, rather than checking the quality of the product at the end of the manufacturing process. In-line quality processes in a workflow can slow down production and eventually impair efficiency, regardless of necessary tolerances. State-of-the-art in-line control systems are to go the extra mile to enhance both product quality and manufacturing efficiency, yet there is still more room for improvement, innovation, and growth. This is where AI-based solutions come into play. Displacing traditional approaches progressively, Artificial Intelligent offers a handful of new opportunities.

Why AI is important for In-Line Quality Control?

Production quality and yield are two of the industry’s top performance objectives, regardless of the industry in which it operates. A plentiful amount of components and products in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer electronics industries have specific quality requirements, both cosmetically and functionally. Many components rely on the quality of the surface for functionality, and faults can influence product performance and reliability. Companies allocate a notable number of human resources and budgets for controlling and managing this process. However, AI can automate visual inspection activities by combining deep learning and computer vision technologies to enable manufacturers to revolutionize quality control procedures by automatically detecting product faults. It can not only report problems during production but also prevents downgrading, scrapping, and recycling even before production starts as it constantly inspects the production line. On top of that, AI has the ability to instantly decide whether product quality is out of the acceptable quality metrics and address the problematic points that operators should get down to it. Thus, AI helps operators be more productive in a solution-oriented manner.

Traditional Methods

Traditional measurement processes, such as utilizing hand-held gauges on the production line or offline in quality control laboratories with specialists operating measuring equipment or machines, are time-intensive, cause delays, and may result in overlooked details. In the manual examination process, there is also the concern of human error. Furthermore, it is difficult to develop a correction plan and resolve the issues if the inspections reveal a flaw because it is exceedingly expensive to revise a production. After all, the products cannot be modified and must be completely re-manufactured.

Through Artificial Intelligence Support

AI is a perfect technology for in-line quality control in manufacturing, as it eliminates many of the issues that come with traditional methods. Compared to the conventional methods, implementing AI-based solutions foster a proactive approach for manufacturers to manage risks, ensure the quality control process is more reliable than ever, and prevent catastrophic issues out of the blue. The smart AI solution for the in-line quality control is well-trained to deliver the finest, but it also continuously learns the process dynamics with extensive data analysis.

In-Line Quality Control

Why Need Cognitiwe?

Cognitiwe is a predictive vision AI platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide enterprises with an effective quality control process. Manufacturers perform strong quality regulations in order to be economically strong and increase their share in the market. Cognitiwe helps your business in an effective way that the product quality is maintained or improved. Once Cognitiwe becomes your solution, managing the critical processes with excellence is quite easy and promising. Making quality assurance a top priority in your company helps you prevent financial difficulties and get positive feedback on customer satisfaction. Cognitiwe is the best to unleash your AI potential and save time while improving the quality of your product and managing resources.

Easy to use

Cognitiwe can be quickly adapted to existing infrastructure without any AI expertise from the manufacturer’s side. The system was designed in such a way that standard IP cameras on production lines allow the elimination of problems caused by the workforce or systematical errors. The inspection runs fully autonomous on-premises, and results are shared in real-time on the graphical user interface of the software.

Striking Features of The Cognitiwe In-Line Quality
In your company with Cognitiwe,

  • Quick response
  • Uninterrupted production process
  • Smooth
  • AI-based in-line quality control

Cognitiwe In-line quality product allows all data to be collected on a single database, regardless of how large your workplace is. It performs real-time and constant evaluations of the data, and if the results don’t meet the quality specifications, the system immediately alerts the manufacturer’s team within milliseconds. In addition to constantly monitoring possible errors and user-defined tolerances during in-line production, issues can be detected even before production starts, and the costs of a vast manufacturing flaw can be prevented. Manufacturing companies can use Cognitiwe In-Line Quality product to create faster and more accurate forecasts about production line failures, process inconsistencies, and other abnormalities. When in-line quality control subjects have diverse or even unique characteristics, identifying and eliminating flaws becomes much more difficult. With these concerns in mind, Cognitiwe offers its AI solution to streamline this process cost-effectively and with millimetric precision. Many regions of interest (ROI) determined in the manufacturing line in accordance with the needs of the manufacturer can be smoothly measured, and the user can determine the tolerances separately. In cases where calibration change is required, these tolerances can be altered without any interruption from the graphical user interface on the digital screen.
Cognitiwe assists manufacturing companies in achieving excellence in quality, operations, and compliance as part of the fourth industrial revolution. By serving high quality and customer-oriented approach, Cognitiwe provides fast, seamless, and practical cooperation to customers worldwide.


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