Cognitiwe provides sustainable products for a sustainable future. Working with us means working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As Cognitiwe, we respect nature and we are aware of the importance of sustainability. Our motivation is to build a more sustainable world with our business partners. We work hard and provide solutions for a better future.

Waste of food and materials is a big problem in today’s world.


Since our world does not have unlimited resources and the population increases over time; producers, retailers, and consumers should work together for a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Businesses

Sustainability for Retail

According to the UNEP Food Waste Index 2021, approximately 931 million tonnes of food waste was generated in 2019 – about 13% of which came from retail.

Sustainability represents a huge opportunity to give retailers what they need, and the world what it longs for, in order to help keep everyone thriving. Getting the benefits of AI to work, retails already started to reduce the waste of food by data, identifying where environmental impact is happening, and taking action.

Reduce Cost

Collecting and analyzing all the data manually, which retail would need to monitor the stocks of products is much more time-consuming compared to AI-based software. Manual processes are also more prone to error, which can result in profit losses. Our technology for retail helps to reduce costs by using shelf stock and fresh food monitoring.

Stop the Waste

Our AI-powered platform uniquely provides the most powerful, accurate, and consistent way for retailers to measure and analyze fruits and vegetables. Detecting the freshness of perishable products in advance is one of the key elements of stopping waste. Thanks to our monitoring system, we prevent wastes before they occur.

Sustainability for Manufacturing

Waste in manufacturing is a global problem. According to Forbes, 20% of every dollar spent in the industry is wasted which adds up to $8 Trillion, or 10% of the GWP.

Sustainable Manufacturing means to produce goods with the minimum usage of energy, material, and natural resources while maximizing profits by ensuring workers’ health and safety throughout the in-line production and reducing waste. Manufacturers prepared to embrace the change already discovered opportunities in AI—with sustainability targets.

Increase Operational Efficiency by Reducing Costs and Waste

Cognitiwe Predictive Vision AI helps manufacturers to take early action by predicting quality issues, production disruptions to save material, time, and energy. We can help businesses to detect deformations and spoilages to alert and prevent businesses from waste products.

Build a Safer Workplace

Cognitiwe helps manufacturers to react earlier by predicting risks, hazards and accidents before they occur. Our products protect people by monitoring H&S compliance, and warning dangerous behaviour and hazardous situations. Cognitiwe detects if workers are wearing protective clothing such as PPE, safety vest, safety goggles while they are working. If there is an inappropriate situation, It warns authorized person simultaneously and allows industries to take immediate action.