Cognitiwe provides the most efficient way for retailers to monitor shelf stocks, track freshness of fruits and vegetables, spot misplaced products and detect fraud & shrinkage.

We transform your video and images into data.

Cognitiwe extracts useful data from the images and videos from IP cameras. By analyzing this data, our product makes shelf stock management systematic, increases customer satisfaction, grows in-store ROI, and prevents losses.

Cognitiwe AI Platform Use Cases for Retail

Artificial Intelligence has introduced an entirely new level of data processing which leads to efficient business insights. Cognitiwe continuously learns and develops useful insights and offers increasingly detailed analysis and predictions for retails. The daily operations can be automated with deep learning.

Food Freshness and Stock Monitoring

Fresh Food Monitoring

Cognitiwe analyzes the feeds from regular IP cameras to monitor the freshness of fruits and vegetables. 

Shelf Stock & Planogram Analytics

Cognitiwe estimates the stock levels of product displays and boxed products on the shelves. Fast and accurate Cognitiwe Predictive Vision AI Platform is trained and optimized to verify the products are incorrect position and quantity.

Fraud & Shrinkage Detection

Congitiwe’s Predictive Visual AI platform monitors check-out aisles and self-service check out kiosks to detect fraud and shrinkage. For such sensitive use cases Cognitiwe makes sure to work in 100% compliance with GDPR and other relevant regulations.


With Cognitiwe’s pay as you go business models, customers can always control their costs.

Low Investment

Cognitiwe minimizes initial investments by using existing cameras and running on cloud.


Customers can manage cameras, locations and products easily through the dashboard, enabling them to have full control over the way they use Cognitiwe.


With Cognitiwe’s proprietary architecture and by leveraging the power of the cloud, all deployment and support operations are done remotely and fast.

Fruits and Vegetables on shelf Perishable Products on shelf