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Cognitiwe is an industrial computer vision company that leverages its extensive domain knowledge, data science and enterprise software expertise, and device capabilities to develop sustainable solutions for repeating problems in key global industries.

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Businesses all over the world are going through a challenging time. Supply chain problems, energy shortages, unavailability of raw and technical materials hit the profitability of companies trying to adapt to the new order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Improving efficiency and sustainability while avoiding losses has never been more important. Protecting people’s health and safety has never been more important. Predicting issues instead of reacting to them has never been more important. That’s why Cognitiwe was founded.

Founded in 2021 by Attila Algan and Mete Bayrak, Cognitiwe aims to support retailers and manufacturers by bringing predictive Vision AI to their daily operations. Working in collaboration with leaders like Microsoft, Talinn-based Cognitiwe exports technology with a global vision.

Computer vision company Cognitiwe gets its strength from the “WE” team, a combination of young talents and experienced leaders. It also leverages its extensive knowledge of developing sustainable and innovative products to address the problems of key global industries.

The proprietary predictive AI platform developed by Cognitiwe converts video and images to data, to deliver a complete Vision AI product that can reduce costs and increase sustainability in a wide range of industries.

Cognitiwe effectively improves companies’ daily operations with its superior technological infrastructure. By serving high quality and customer-oriented approach, Cognitiwe provides fast, seamless, and effective cooperation to customers all over the world.

Our Values

We believe that knowledge, seamless communication, and the power of technology can create the most effective products for all our customers.

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Our Team

Attila Algan
Attilla Algan
CEO Attila Algan
Mete Bayrak 1
Mete Bayrak 2
Co-Founder Mete Bayrak
Project Manager Ceylan Azeboğlu
selin Filiz 3
Selin Filiz 2
Head of Marketing Selin Tuncay Filiz
Serkan Güre 2
Serkan Güre1
CPO Serkan Güre
Yalçın Köseoğlu 1
Yalçın Köseoğlu 2
CTO Yalçın Köseoğlu
damla 2
Artificial Intelligence Engineer Damla Fikirdanış
Fahri Çetin1
Fahri Çetin1
Technical Operations Manager Fahri Çetin
mehmet genc (2)
Computer Vision Engineer Mehmet Genç
Yusuf Dede2
Yusuf Dede1
Software Engineer Yusuf Dede
Selcan Atak
Selcan Atak
AI Engineer Selcan Atak
Senem Aktaş 2
Senem Aktaş 1
Machine Learning Engineer Senem Akkaş

Our Investors

We thank our investors for their continued support, trust and confidence.

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