They Trust Us

With our AI for retail and manufacturing products, we are committed to consistently delivering high-quality solutions for our customers.

Gain Value Added Insight with Cognitiwe

In partnership with Microsoft, we bring the most innovative and customer-focused technologies and solutions to our customers.

Predictive Vision AI

Leveraging the power of Vision AI, Cognitiwe uses past data to predict the future. Faults, risks, or out-of-stock shelves are flagged before they occur.

Boosts Companies Sustainability

We provide real time and predictive analysis to reduce waste in both retail and manufacturing.

Flexibility & Compliance

Our flexible architecture works on any cloud, on-prem or hybrid fashion. We comply with all regulations including GDPR.

Easy to Use

Cognitiwe uses Vision AI, IoT, Edge, and Cloud Computing to automate daily operations. The benefits of our products vary from cost reduction to an increase in operational excellence.

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Select Input

Live feeds from Ip cameras

VOD Content


Choose What to Analyze

Choose among several Vision AI models developed by Cognitiwe.

Train Objects

You can train objects or gestures extracted from camera inputs or VOD content.

Get Output

Get the output you require, like receiving email, text or chatbot messages, get sound alarms, receive data through APIs or integrate to IOT hardware.

What They Say About Us

Let’s discover Cognitiwe from the experience of our customers.

“Without requiring any extra investment, we completed the process quickly with our existing system infrastructure and technological infrastructure opportunities provided by Cognitiwe and Microsoft Azure.”

Bahadır Kaan Uysal R&D Operational Service Management Department, Migros

“Now we have the opportunity to meet our customers with the freshest products as we can instantly take action if the availability of a product is below the critical level.”

Cem Tunçay Format Director, Migros

"Working with Cognitiwe, we achieved the success rate we desired. The fulfillment of the numerous success factors confirmed the project’s competitive advantage over human labor. We expected a 95% success rate and 1mm accuracy on 50,000 components based on the specification, and we achieved it. We shared these outstanding results both internally and externally."

Haydar Vural Agile Tribe Lead, Data Science and AI Lead at TOFAS

"In partnership with Cognitiwe, we offer our clients the opportunity to develop their business using AI solutions. We have developed successful, productive projects thanks to Cognitiwe’s constructive approach to clients and collaboration with Microsoft as a business partner."

Barış Mocan Partner & Business Manager at Microsoft