Cognitiwe provides In-line quality control, stock monitoring and health & safety monitoring for manufacturers with real-time and predictive analysis.

We transform your video and images into data.

As experts in video and image analytics, our proprietary technology is compatible with regular IP cameras. By analyzing insights, our products protect you from unexpected costs caused by lack of quality, prevent production disruptions due to raw material shortages, provide support to avoid accidents and improve workforce health and safety.

Use Cases for Manufacturing

Cognitiwe helps you to obtain actionable insights & reports and enhance your processes using advanced computer vision models integrated with the cloud. Cognitiwe Predictive Vision AI platform is already configured and trained for the needs of manufacturing and continuously learns and adapts, developing useful insights, and offering increasingly detailed analysis for industries.


In-line Quality Control

Monitoring your production quality in the production line with IP cameras boosted with Cognitiwe technology ensures higher quality in production and helps them to react earlier and as a result save material, time, and energy.

Stock Monitoring

Fast and accurate Cognitiwe Predictive Vision AI Platform is trained and optimized to verify that the materials you will use are in the correct location and quantity.

Health and Safety Monitoring

Monitor your operations in real-time to ensure the safety of your employees and verify workers wear PPE and follow all safety compliances of the premises.

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With Cognitiwe’s pay as you go business models, customers can always control their costs.

Low Investment

Cognitiwe minimizes initial investments by using existing cameras and running on cloud.


Customers can manage cameras, locations and products easily through the dashboard, enabling them to have full control over the way they use Cognitiwe.


With Cognitiwe’s proprietary architecture and by leveraging the power of the cloud, all deployment and support operations are done remotely and fast.

Smart Manufacturing In-line Quality Control