Creating a safe workplace with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is one of the essential subjects for manufacturers concerning the lethal consequences. The fact that inevitable accidents, despite all the precautions, may occur during the daily workflow. Unfortunately, state rules and regulations and strictly trained employees aren’t enough to prevent those accidents. In fact, according to the International Labour Organisation report, around 2.3 million workers worldwide succumb to work-related accidents or illnesses annually. These indicated numbers stand for approximately 6,000 employee deaths per day. Both employers and employees are responsible for controlling preventable accidents during the workflow. Because a single work accident’s results will be irrevocable for both parties, in this case, each employer must ensure compliance with workplace occupational health and safety laws.
Human factors have a massive role in workspace safety. AI-based products bring the most efficient solutions by combining and managing multiple inputs to create a safer work environment. Occupational accident reports show that preventable accidents in workplaces are caused by insufficient supervision. Revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology has a crucial impact on these human-based circumstances and has become a game-changing factor for manufacturers.

AI with Computer Vision for Occupational Health and Safety

New technologies assist in providing workplace safety for all. To be able to provide a safe, supportive workplace for everyone, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is increasingly capable of enhancing physical safety at a critical time. For this reason, companies are heading toward AI day by day. But how do these technologies work? AI can automate visual inspection activities by integrating deep learning and computer vision technology to enable a recognition system for each ‘object’. These objects can be anything from employees, work tools and positions to visitors in the workplace. These ‘objects’ are tagged in the system when detected. Therefore, AI can be suitable for many industrial areas. AI is the most suitable technology for manufacturers  as it dismisses many of the issues that come along with traditional workplace management. Compared to a more manual approach, the AI solution is way more reliable than ever because it can do the finest and learn the process dynamically with extensive data analysis, preventing long and short-term accidents.

Cognitiwe Health and Safety Monitoring

Cognitiwe is a predictive vision company with various products for manufacturers. Health and Safety Monitoring, a preventive product of Cognitiwe, which uses advanced computer vision models integrated with the cloud. Some manufacturers’ benefits that comes with using Cognitiwe Health and Safety Monitoring are:

Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Error Prevention
  • Employee Monitoring
  • Equipment Control
  • Reducing prevention/solution time and costs

By using Health and Safety Monitoring, you will be provided more detailed insights over time and recognize ‘object’ images from existing IP cameras in your workplace. Cognitiwe Health and Safety Monitoring detects employees with missing PPE and classifies their access to certain areas then automatically restricts the access. Considering the whole area is being controlled by a fully automatic system, in any case of PPE violations, warning notifications can be sent to the occupational safety authorities to take precautions. Cognitiwe Predictive Vision AI platform aims to build a safe workplace that includes ensured workflow and prevents potential safety gaps.


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